(English) Veterans receive over 1 billion MNT for housing

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Translated by Megrenii Undram

To mark Victory Day, which was celebrated 9th May, the Mongolian government this year gave special payments to veterans, to assist them to purchase apartments.
Many veterans of Mongolia face social problems and need housing assistance. Therefore, this year the government of Mongolia supported veterans through giving them 35 million tugrik each to allow them to afford housing.
U.Tanya Daughter of a Veteran, Jadamba, talking: My mother was born in 1915. She is now 99 years old. She worked as a nurse and cared for many people during the Second World War

Last year the Mongolian government allocated 57.6 billion tugrik to 1,627 veterans. But this year the government gave 1 billion and 50 million tugrik to the veterans who were not able to participate in the 100 thousand household project.
S.Erdene, Minister for Population Development and Social Protection said: In previous years, apartments, many of which didn’t meet minimum standards, were given to veterans. This time we created an account for each veteran and gave them cash to buy apartments that they like. The money is directly transferred to their accounts.

Aside from the special payments on Victory Day, veterans receive a pension of 200 thousand tugrik each month. They also receive rent discounts and can go to a health resort once per year.

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