(English) Mongolian police arrest three suspected terrorists

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Translated byMergenii Undram

On Wednesday the General Police Department announced that it arrested three suspected terrorists of Pakistan origin at the airport  of Chinggis khaan on Sunday, April 28, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
The arrested men, two of whom have the same names as men linked with crimes of international homicide and terrorism, were arrested as they tried to enter Mongolia on business and tourist visas. The Police and Special Forces agents identified the suspects due to special security measures being taken for the 7th Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies, which was held in Ulaanbaatar between April 26th and 29th.

Mr. T. Sainjargal, Head of the Public Relations Office, General Police Department  said The names of two of the three suspects are the same as the names of suspects wanted by Interpol since 2006. The investigation is still in progress. We will be able to provide more detailed information following the investigation into this case.

The spokesperson of the General Police Department said that information about the three suspects has been sent to the relevant organizations, and the police cannot reveal any further details until they receive more reliable information.

The second attempt for drug smuggling by Mongolian is detected 

Custom officers arrested a Mongolian citizen last week for attempting to smuggle drugs into Mongolia. This is the second well-publicized case of attempted drug smuggling by a Mongolian this year.

On April 23rd the Ulaanbaatar City Custom’s Office found 66 grams of a suspected drug in a car that had been shipped to Mongolia from Hong Kong. Customs officers sent the substance to a laboratory and the test results revealed that it was hashish.

N. Narandalai, Head, Department Against Customs Violations, General Custom’s Office is talking that  our laboratory check confirmed that the confiscated item was a drug known as hashish. According to the law it is prohibited to carry this substance across the border. A Mongolian citizen attempted to import this substance into Mongolia.
Another drug trafficking case this year involved eight Mongolians and one Chinese person attempting to smuggle heroin into Mongolia. And a case last year involved a Mongolian and a Filipino also attempting to smuggle heroin into the country. A total of 12 Mongolian citizens have been sentenced with drug trafficking crimes in Mongolia. And about 40 Mongolian citizens face drug-related charges in China, Russia and Kazakhstan. Most Mongolian people are unaware of what drugs look like, so customs officials have warned Mongolians not to carry any packages or luggage for unknown persons, as they could be inadvertently smuggling drugs.

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